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Dreams on stage

"Rêves en scène" (Dreams on stage), in the manner of photographer Patrick Willock, stages the person's dream in life size by literally putting it on stage. The initiative, led by Albane Buriel of the Ateliers du rêve and Véronique Brod, photographer, quickly attracted Laurent Taulen, monitor-educator and member of the Chiboudig association, and Julie Alliot-Pétillon, monitor-educator at the Foyer Les Vergers des Papillons blancs in Les Dorlett in Concarneau.


In February 2022, the project was presented to retired ESAT workers, residents of the Foyer les Vergers and then ran with great enthusiasm until May 2022. "Rêves en scène" was built around artistic workshops where each person drew his or her dream. Other workshops then allowed the conception of the stagings through the drawings and the making of the sets. This was followed by the realization of the imagined settings and the dedicated photo sessions. The project took us to different worlds, mixing the poetry of the blue clouds of the pool and the sky with that of hard rock. It also brought together dreamers-sporters and contemplative-dreamers with humour and delicacy. "Rêves en scène" took place in the garden and the corridors of the Foyer, in the dunes of Trévignon, on the stages of the Chap'L and the Centre des Arts et de la Culture (CAC) of Concarneau to give shape to these "living pictures". It moved, surprised and dazzled us with the fireworks that become light painting glows or with the cuddly toys cared for with great care in a universe of incredible softness.

Contributors: Véronique Brod, photographer, Julie Alliot-Pétillon, monitor-educator and Laurent Taulen, monitor-educator and member of the Chiboudig association, Albane Buriel (Les Ateliers du rêve) and the volunteers of the association "A vue d'oeil", Photo Club in Concarneau.

Some dreams on stage

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