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Art therapy across Central Europe

The art of self-expression

Karen, Fabienne and Adeline, three friends who made their dream come true for a summer in 2016 by discovering Central Europe. Thanks to the Interrail pass, they travelled through several countries: Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, a bit of Italy and finally Greece and its capitals. Nevertheless, they wanted to give a purpose and meaning to their journey. Encouraged and supported by various associations, they decided to set up a project in line with their convictions and values. The practice of art-therapy came as a matter of course: how to encourage expression for people in difficulty, through artistic mediation?

Although they had learned about the practice in France and in Central Europe, their aim was not to become art therapists but rather to discover and observe other means of communication - other than the spoken word - in order to be able to express themselves and show emotion in a different way. The meeting with our association, "Les Ateliers du Rêve", gives a new breath to their project. They decided to contribute in their own way by asking the different people who crossed their path during this journey to express their dreams freely (drawings, songs, writings, etc.).

After their return, they presented their project at various events: exhibitions, testimonial evenings, presentations to schoolchildren.... The aim was to exchange ideas about the journey and the dream. "Through a sheet of paper, the discovery of a universe, that of dreams can be...".

Contributors: Karen Divet, Fabienne Divet and Adeline Robin

Partners: Fond rennais d’initiatives jeunes


How to promote Expression for people in trouble?

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