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Dreams from here and elsewhere

The "Dreams from here and elsewhere" project is a branch of the "Let's draw our dreams" project. It is a question here of developing intercultural and even multilingual encounters. "Dreams from Here and Elsewhere" encourages encounters through the discovery of cultural elements characteristic of specific contexts. By looking at the singular and the foreign, the participants discover different habits, customs, traditions or ways of life. It is a question of dialoguing with the unknown through artistic expression. The participants interpret images of unknown objects or people and draw (or glue or paint around them). Only in the final session do they discover the true context in which the object or person actually fits.


Project Objectives:

  • Discover elements of a new culture (commonalities and differences)

  • To create from cultural symbols

  • To develop the ability to project into the world

  • To present/discover cultural elements of "home" through video


It brings together kindergarten children from the French Institute of Rabat (Morocco) and the Kérandon School (Concarneau, France) through their interpretation of intercultural symbols in both countries. The dialogue between the two groups is carried out by the photo and video proposed to the children and then by the productions made.


The present project concerns 4 groups:

  • Two groups of children in kindergarten (4-5 years old) that Fatima Ezzohra and Houdna Affach follow once a week at the French Institute, i.e. 8 students and 31 in two different classes.

  • Two classes at the Kerandon school (one class including Breton), that is to say about thirty children from the priority district from 4 to 6 years old, that is to say about 20 children.

Contributors: Kenny Breuilly, Théo Salvoldelli, Romain Wallet, Pascale Bodin, Salem Bensalem, Ahmad, Fatima Ezzohra Ben Khaled and Houdna Affach, teachers at the French Institute in Rabat (Morocco), Lucie Houtin, head of language courses at the French Institute in Rabat, Marina Lhermitte, Coordinator of the Educational Success Scheme of the city of Concarneau, Maina Le Poupon, teacher at the Kérandon School (France) and Martine Lucas, teacher at the Kérandon School (France) and Albane Buriel, President of Ateliers du rêve


Videos: Fatima Ezzohra Ben Khaled et Albane Buriel

Partners : 


Some examples of dreams from here and elsewhere

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