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In March 2021, the Ateliers du Rêve wanted to develop the "Let's Draw our Dreams" program offered to children and young people, and to integrate the use of digitally controlled machines, in particular in order to set the drawings in motion. The association called upon Konk Ar Lab (KAL) to support them in this project.


The Dream Workshops wanted the young people to realize their dream in stop-motion thanks to a documentation station. Stop-motion (or volume animation, or frame-by-frame animation) is an animation technique that creates movement from immobile objects. The time-lapse (or frame by frame animation) consists in taking a fixed photo of a fixed scene, to slightly modify the content of the scene, to take another photo, to modify, etc. The effect of movement is caused by the succession of shots, in which the subject is shifted from one image to another (Source: Canopée Occitanie)


Once the project was set up, it was in July 2021, that KAL with the support of an intern and a volunteer from Ateliers du Rêve built a mobile documentation station. This station is composed of two parts: 1) a perforated panel allowing to place the elements necessary to the shooting and/or the making: screen, camera, lamp, boxes and tools of all kinds and 2) a cabinet with drawers on wheels containing useful material for creative workshops (modeling clay, lego, papers, geometric shapes, office material...).


The device is designed to be mobile, movable and easily installed. It is composed of wooden modules integrating magnets, a slate tray, a camera, a microphone, lamps and a camera box controlled by Arduino to take images, photos and videos, via the application Do.doc. This station makes it possible to draw and imagine the dreams of children and young people while filming the evolution of the productions and then animate the production.

Contributors: Louane Pasquiau, stagiaire (Les Ateliers du rêve), Albane Buriel, bénévole (Les Ateliers du rêve), Martin Lozivit (Konk ar Lab)


Implementation of the project :

Quartier d’été à Kérandon (Concarneau)


The tool was used in July and August 2021 during the activities initiated by the City Policy 2021 in Kérandon. The project "Let's draw our dreams" at Place des idées was dedicated to young people from 10 to 15 years old. Registration is required for the 3 sessions in July and the 2 sessions in August (because the project is ongoing). It is part of the larger project "Let's draw our dreams in Concarneau" which aims at exploring the dreams of the people of Concarneau through artistic material. Number of participants: 6 to 12 people.

Lunch breaks with schoolchildren in Concarneau


The interventions with schoolchildren from 8 to 11 years old took place from the beginning of the school year in January to the February vacations of 2022, in the schools of Kérandon, Beuzec, Kéramporiel and Centre-Ville during seven sessions to conceive stories in stop-motion.


Today, the Dream Workshops make two "Rêvanimé" boxes available to associations that wish to use the material.


To learn more about : 

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